Thursday, January 19, 2012

It seemed like the longest project EVER! My hand hurts...

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I had this idea stuck in my head for about a month until I finally decided to draw it! I wasn't sure what other media I was going to use to create it besides watercolor, but I decided that I might as well just go for whatever would work best for me. I ended up using like 7 different things to make this! I didn't expect it to be so large either, but I was so happy with the result that the millennium it seemed to take to make this piece was absolutely nothing compared to how excited I was to finish it. x) Mehhh I have no life ... its all spent on drawing pictures that are too detailed and time-draining for my day. >_>

Why did I call it "Cosmos" and not something along the lines of "Mother nature" ? I feel as if all of the things were expanding and coming from inside of her head, such as the creation of the universe, and giving it a more "cosmic" title would make the viewers look a bit closer into it. ;)

 Big sketch, took about 2 hours.
 Watercolor, colored pencil, and markers.

I drew this in my school binder reminder because: This was my face when I was getting to the point where I almost said "screw it" and was planning on leaving it unfinished.
 I got over it, and continued working on it.

Annnnddddd... it is done! So so SO happy! :)

Thanks for viewing!

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  1. Your work is amazing, how long have you been making art?