Monday, January 9, 2012

The creation of "Freckles"

 Callie Fink aka Elvis882 on deviantART - my online art profile/gallery

 This drawing was at the height of my art when I was 15. I worked over 5 months on it from February through June of 2010 just to complete it and I was slowly going crazy. I never thought I would actually finish it at the point I had gotten to after the 5 month mark had passed. It measures 19 inches on each side, completely hand drawn with a multitude of sticks of graphite of varying hardness and size. Many a pencil had given their lives to facilitate the creation of this piece, and let me just say their deaths are not in vain. I used a reference from the deviantART user Malvina-Frolova and when I saw her photo, it instantly stuck in my head that I just had to draw it.

This was also the reason I had to start taking more and more photographs of my work to prove that I had actually drawn it. Literally hundreds of people had accused me of tracing and even Photoshopping a photograph and that it wasn't a true drawing. It got to the point where I had to take pictures of myself holding the drawing to prove that it even existed, and that it was, in fact, drawn by hand. It's kind of impossible to trace a picture on a thick-ass board that's over a foot and a half long, so its obvious the skeptics' common sense was greatly lacking. Then I ended up taking a video of myself adding pencil onto the picture because still, people thought I had "Photoshopped the WIP stages to make it look like a drawing but it is not" and to that I say... COOL STORY BRUH. NOW, GO DO BETTER AND MORE PRODUCTIVE THINGS WITH YOUR MEAGER LIVES~

tl;dr you may take a look at how the drawing progressed. Shmanks. ^_^ Please excuse the odious quality of my camera; my phone was indeed, how you may say, "ghetto".


Finished drawing:

Thhhhhhhhhhhhanksssss! I shall see you peeeeeplez later! :)

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