Wednesday, February 8, 2012

"Flux" and some other new stuff!

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Hello all! 'Tis another update! I'm gonna try to be updating this page more often now, possibly a few times a week. So I've been working on several new smaller projects lately, and I thought I'd upload some more process shots of a piece called "Flux" I did a little while ago. Many people were asking me how I laid out the drawing, and in what order I put the colors on. So here you can take a look at the process shots of it so hopefully it can help you understand it a bit more! The details on it almost killed my hand, but it added to the overall effect of the drawing to keep your eye moving all over the paper. :P

 Pens and Copic markers added
 More layers of Copic and ink.
Colored in the face with Copics
 Added watercolor for the base of the hair
 Tempra paint and more ink on top of the watercolor
 Started drawing in some fine details using a Copic Multiliner pen I had

 Drew in the flower with the same multiliners and then colored in the nails with Copic

 Started filling in the strands of hair with multiliners to give it a very very fine look
 Added ink from a black Copic Brush Multiliner to the right side and more copic colors on the left
 Added in more with various colors of Copics and at the bottom I used tempra paint for the rough "splattery" shapes(drybrushing it)
 Almost finished!
Added white ink in spots (Dr. Ph Martin's Bleed-Proof White with a dip pen) and the other splatter marks came from a toothbrush(I would run my finger across the bristles to create a spray effect over the desired area)
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Thanks for viewing! See you all again soon!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Sketch dump!

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Nothing wrong with a little sketch dump! All these drawings are smaller than an 8x11" sheet of paper! Thanks for looking! :)