Friday, January 6, 2012

"Enigma" process shots

 Callie Fink aka Elvis882 on deviantART - my online art profile/gallery

"Enigma" was a piece I had an idea for in my head for a while, and I was trying to figure out the perfect mediums to manifest such an idea onto actual paper. I started with watercolor and I chose random colors to blend together, and I was really diggin that color combination so I started adding more and more on top of it. What really got me though was whether or not i wanted to go for adding details on the face - but I took the risk with my black pen and i went straight for it, adding more and more shapes upon shapes and the end result was a clusterfudge of a loose imagination on crack, mixed in with some LSD in a big melting pot of psychedelic-ness - but there was something about it that i couldn't quite put my finger on, something that made the piece all fit together. Maybe I will never know, but who really cares? It all works out, and flows together. I wasn't big on using references, and my in-depth Google search yielded one grainy picture that I couldn't get shet off of, so I just had to wing it from there. It was a learning experience though - both for my hand and mind.

I ended up using watercolors, tempra paints, Copic markers, Copic multiliners/brushes, colored pencil, and various colors of ink on it. It's a fun combination of medias to experiment with that can produce a variety of results. It is good to always be able to be versatile with your materials. This specific piece actually ended up getting a Daily Deviation on deviantART and featured on Fine Art America and many other places, not to mention spread around Tumblr some thousand times. You could say I was ecstatic about people seeing my stuff, lawl.

This piece you can derive your own meaning from. I decided not to say TOO much about it, because what is the point of doing art when you can't have an open opinion of it? The only words I used to describe it: "we aren't afraid of the dark, we're afraid of the unknown." and in my opinion it's true. What lies outside our comfort zone we are afraid of - and darkness entails the unknown and things our brains cannot yet comprehend. The imagination is a scary place sometimes. It's a wonderful world of mystery, and enigmas.

 Yes, my pretty sparkly lanyard for my school ID... Oh yeah and there's my drawing too lol.
 I decided to be a risk-taker.
 ...And kinda went overboard.
 And then the crack-LSD combo came into play.
 Pretty pretty shiney shiney!
 Aghhhhhh my eyes
 Bad or good hair day?
 Now it starts to take form - but I needed to fix the forehead a bit.
 Added white ink.
 Details, details
 The hands! They are alive!

There was only a bit left to finish this one! You don't know how excited I was to finish this thing! I worked like 8 hours a day on this bish but it was soooo fulfilling!

VVV It's finished! See the full view of the drawing VVV

Thank you for viewing! More to come soon!

~Callie Fink


  1. Hey, this is inspiring for me! I really like your technique, it's something that I always wanted to try. I put your blog under watch. Keep it up!

  2. this is so much the art that i love to produce just more refined. very similar. I love seeing people with the same technique yet different subtleties. it is what makes art diverse. One yellow lemon can turn out so different in many artists hands.